Wolfgang Nieblich


Beiträge: Ingrid Maut, Michael Fischer, Peter Hauser

Of course, Wolfgang Nieblich seduces as an artist - in many different respects.His pictures, objects, and collages entice the thoughtful attention- perhaps even the longing to own. His artworks have double standards- intellectually as well as in the material sense, because most of the notes and coins in which they are made of have lost their original trade-value. The old concord is invalid. Integrated in a unique context, their value reaches a new dimension, because now they are a part of a work of art. The artist plays with metaphors and associations; they are sometimes ironic, cryptic, and even poetic. Many works by Wolfgang Nieblich are taken literally. One thinks or already hopes for something else with the concepts "Moneybags", "Financial framework" or "culture bags" - and then one sees exactly what the words mean, namely bag, frame or small little bags - although one cannot be sure whether money is in it, as it is marked. He builds cases that work like money slot machines or fetishes - objects of desire in the hidden sense. However, caution with contact, especially when thick wire-netting warns on top of the money.


Über den Autor

Wolfgang Nieblich

1948 in Reutlingen geboren,
seit 1973 ca. 450 Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland,
1970… Mehr