Michael Lederer


Cadaqués is the story of a group of hard-drinking writers and artists in a little fishing village near the Spanish / French border. Cal is an American writer who drinks more than he writes. Layla is a beautiful young English woman interested in literature. One can be too careful in life, or one can be too wild. Where is the line? Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Picasso and other great artists once lived in Cadaqués. Some still follow in those decadent footsteps.

As one character puts it, "No Lost Generation here, darling.  This is Cadaqués.  We are finding ourselves!"

Michael Lederer is among the great American writers. - Die Welt

Über den Autor

Michael Lederer

Michael Lederer wurde 1956 in Princeton, New Jersey, geboren. Aufgewachsen ist er… Mehr