Susanne Alge

Vorfahren, Verwandte und andere Verwirrungen

A collection of short stories about families.

How their members love and hate each other, quietly and carefully, what they want to inherit or (almost always) unfairly, too little, furthermore the wrong thing have already inherited - the number of wishes and hopes is unlimited.

And of course, when faced with the mean, jealous outside world, they never stop loving each other mercilessly...

Susanne Alge

Susanne Alge, PhD, born in Vorarlberg/Austria, has been living and working as a literary scholar and author in Berlin since 1990. She has published three novels, a number of bedtime stories at Ohrenbär (RBB childrens' program), short stories in Ă–sterreichischer Rundfunk, numerous biographies of German exile authors and other contributions on Exile literature, several short stories in anthologies, as well as translations from French. 


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