Karin Reschke

Trümmerland Kinderland

Literary appendum to a childhood in bombed-out Berlin.

The writer's memory, kaleidoscopely captured, of a child's world within the puzzle of debris, as though there had never been anything else. Civilization's shards become the children's playground between torn-up streets and ruins. The first-person narrator uses different names and addresses, while moving seemingly light-footed from scene to scene. Half-grown, in search for orientation and raised in the after-war period, she experiences a new beginning: A faint resistance forms against guardians at home, in school and amongst peers.

Karin Reschke

Karin Reschke, born in Krakow, studied German language and literature in Munich. She then worked as a journalist and literary critic. Some of her works: "Memoiren eines Kindes" (1980, 2. Aufl. 1982), "Verfolgte des Glücks - Findebuch der Henriette Vogel" (1982, 4. Aufl. 1983), "Diese Tage über Nacht" (1984)," Margarethe" (1987), "Das Lachen im Wald" (1993), "Die Asphaltvenus" (1994), "Kuschelfisch" (1996), "Spiel Ende" (2000), "Kalter Hund" (2009). In 1979 and 1985 she was awarded prizes by the Berlin Senate and in 1982 by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; in 1995 she was awarded the Bettina von Arnim Prize and in 1998 the special prize of the Silesia Culture Prize of the State of Lower Saxony. She lives in Berlin.

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