Raimund Petschner

Kurze Entfernung aus dem Gespräch



Friendship - love - film - landscape - urban terrains ... magical moments unfold, they become noticeable, considerable. Obstinacy and truth play against each other. From the personal and the intimate one is led to the universal, the political - and back again.

There is no fear of the mixture of life of the dull, loud, serial and the delicate, quiet, that doesn't itself be overtaken or degraded.

Short pieces with so much pleasure for both the thought and the picture. Whoever participates in their game is caught - and freed by answering with their own view.

Raimund Petschner

Raimund Petschner was born in 1948, has written numerous programs for the radio since the early 1980s, but has also published prose and poetry, was an Alfred Döblin scholarship recipient and nowadays lives in Berlin.

Features for broadcasting include:

"Erfahrungsseelenkunde. Karl Philipp Moritz als Schriftsteller und Psychologe" (DLRKultur, 2006)

"Die stärkste Droge überhaupt. Literarische Sichten auf Krieg, von Remarque bis Babtschenko" (DLRKultur, 2009)

"Vorbeischaukelnd am Weltuntergang. Autoren mit dem Mut zum idyllischen heute" (DLRKultur, 2012)