Horst Hussel


Hussel's Franz, an extraordinary Maverick, shares his im- and expressions in short, shorter and shortest stories or occurrences in literary variety, if not to say virtuosity. He is full of humor, loves all that is absurd, is mischievous, verbally playful and onomatopoetic through and through, but still - or perhaps exactly for this reason -  incredibly profound and subtle. 

Horst Hussel still does not understand how others can get by with only one reality. He cannot. And why is it "this" reality? That sounds worryingly totalitarian. Hussel prefers to live in his own realities. And, if possible, changes those of others, as well. This process is called artistic pursuit, true. But why stop there? - Kerstin Decker, Der Tagesspiegel


Special Edition:

"FRANZ." Book + 1 Woodcut (75 EUR)

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