Herausgeber: Steffen Marciniak

Entf├╝hrung in die Antike

Neue Geschichten um griechische Mythen

Steffen Marciniak's new collection of poems and short prose wants to kidnap and to seduce. A total of 63 contemporary authors want to share their current views on an old theme of narrative art, poetry and the art of inventing stories: Greek mythology. Wind god Aiolos and the eight heavenly gods, the Anemoi, introduce us to the nine separate chapters of the book: the gods, titans, chimeras, the underworld, the aquatic beings, ephebs, nymphs, heroes and humans.There are classically narrated stories as well as modern stories; poems, reflections and sometimes the Greek mythical figures are transferred into different worlds; even real events become myths. Various literary forms lead into a world that has been able to fascinate artists with its imaginative wealth for centuries up to the present day. Many of the contributions are first publications.

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