Katharina Rist

Das Gedächtnis der Fremde

 In Das Gedächtnis der Fremde there are many journeys through life, from A to B, between heaven and earth, life and death. When there’s no longer a sky, just the roof of a train, when the characters are only at home in transit, some wait for a resurfacing of childhood, some for something that could become key and some for the silence in which the word finds its home.

The journey also takes place between the past and the future, world and underworld, the not-yet, but still-already. This being-in-transit feeds on dreams of and hope for a home which might live even in what has been lost, memories which can also be born from things, and love which flitters away in gusty boots. And when dark metaphors suggest hopelessness, the Old Giant no longer carries the world and the world seems to be extinguished, there are yet, again and again, signs pointing to the ability of language to overcome borders, the world grows even while falling, space is opening up and uncovers the path to heaven and salvation becomes possible – for example when the world takes a peaceful bath in the tub with polar bear and child.

The oscillation between worlds doesn’t even stop at language. Thus, the last chapter of the German-British author is written in English.


Katharina Rist

Katharina Rist, born in Mannheim, grew up in the Palatinate. Writing her way through life since she was a child. Lived in Darmstadt 1986-1994, afterwards until 1999 in Freiburg/Breisgau. 1989 diploma in religious pedagogy (Darmstadt), 1994 Master of German Philology (Frankfurt/Main), 1998 PhD in English philology (Freiburg and Frankfurt). 1991-2008 lectureships and seminars in adult education, at academies and universities. 1998 founding of the literary society “Literatenohr e.V.”, since then organization of literature competitions, literary trips and events. Since 1999 she lives in London.