Signe Ibbeken

auf einer lichtung steht ein tiefgefrorenes reh

berichte aus einer großen stadt

Through barely noticeable displacements, seemingly mundane situations suddenly provide surprising interpretations. In this manner, texts to declutter the mind have been written, to dream and to float away from entrenched patterns of thought and perception, right into the wide-open space of imagination.

An old couple on a park bench: "Did we remember the cauliflower?” Or in passing, “Did the man just say 'Hey' or 'Neigh'?" 

And one day, an angel is sitting in front of the fridge, munching on a sausage…

Did we mishear? Did our eyes betray us? Or does it come down to the simple fact that everything would be easier if "everybody wore a stately feather fan on their left arm"? 

With Signe Ibbeken's texts, we are invited to fly off, up and away – but surely return changed to the necessity of real life.