Raimund Petschner

Die Hauptadresse der Wirklichkeit


Petschner's prose miniatures are about the whole, about signatures of the world we live in - explored in different spheres, among them especially : friendship and loyalty, life with cinema and life with literature, the experience of ages, the big city as a place of exploration, travel, being on the road.

Petschner explores the possibilities of a short, well-designed prose - from the lyrical image, which unexpectedly and unobtrusively becomes a mental image, to the immersion of memory and the play with fantasies of further thought and rethinking. Language, just an archaeological instrument, can become a delightful ray of light. Times are layered on top of each other, things next to and in each other - not in such a way that hearing and seeing disappear, but that they come into being in one's own thinking and perception, stimulated by reading.

Raimund Petschner

Raimund Petschner, born near Frankfurt am Main, studied sociology, philosophy and psychology, scraped by until he began working as a freelance author for various cultural radio programs in the early 1980s. Numerous features, documentaries and essays were produced, especially for Deutschlandfunk, also three radio plays (for Radio Bremen). Since the eighties : publication of short story collections as well as a novel, among others in Eco-Verlag Zurich. Alfred Döblin scholarship. 1997: the poetry collection Nackenauge published by Atelier Verlag Andernach. In 2019, PalmArtPress published his volume of prose miniatures Kurze Entfernung aus dem Gespräch.