Kornelia Boje

Gesang der weißen Wände

She went like a beaten woman into the house of white walls.

A family saga, beautiful despite all sadness, in its laconic, sensitive pictures, rich in life experience, unsentimental and excitingly told by the actress, photographer, author and speaker Kornelia Boje.

"The hardships of walking upright" - and how much strength it takes to confront injuries, accept traumas, exclude projections of mental pain: through the gradual understanding that everything is as it is.

Come, said the monkey, let's dance...

Kornelia Boje

Kornelia Boje, born in Berlin, raised in Hamburg - actress, novel, feature and radio play author, dubbing actress and photographer.  

Theatre engagements: Kiel, Darmstadt, Zurich, Hamburg, Frankfurt a. M., Stuttgart. Radio work since 1950, TV and film roles since 1961. audio books with various audio book publishers. Her debut novel "Ullas Erwachen" was published in 2005. Photo exhibitions in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin.