Maria Reinecke

Leben in den Zwischenräumen

“The value of actions doesn‘t lie in their outcomes, but rather in what happens between them.” This quote from Maria Reinecke is well suited to her novel Living In Between, which is now available in a new, revised edition in German and American English. The focus of this literary work is less on the culmination of its plot as much as what takes place within the story‘s spacetime interstices. The finest perceptions and feelings of the two protagonists Marie and Anne - or is one of them only a reflection of the other? - form condensed interludes within and alongside the dramatic sequence of events. Memories, reflections, dreams, and traumas provide gentle accompaniment to the plot and give readers direct insight into the characters’ tumultuous inner lives.

Maria Reinecke

Maria Reinecke, born in Berlin; works as a freelance writer / philosopher / psychological consultant in Berlin.

Since 1993, she has undertaken an intensive examination of A. N. Whitehead's process philosophy: A paradigm for a relational, organistic, procedural world view and a new, dynamic understanding of reality; and the groundwork for a contemporary inter- and trans-disciplinary discourse among science, art, education, and religion.

Whitehead's assertion, "Life is hidden in the interstices of every living cell and in the interstices of the brain," (Process and Reality, 690) was the inspiration for her own "interstitial" thinking and her views of both spatial and temporal interstices as "places where events occur," as hidden theaters of reality in which the essential takes place.


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