Bianca Döring

Im Mangoschatten

Von der Vergänglichkeit

"Even on my 50th birthday I was still immortal, afterwards all of a sudden I wasn't." The new book of author, painter, and musician Bianca Döring deals with perishability, with life and death, with the frailness of all existence, as well as with a self that is passionately looking for a place in the world. In a collage made from scraps of observations, memories, interpersonal scenes, internal imagery and reflections the text moves along an insinuated narrative without ever pretending to know anything of its topics, to which it turns from most different angles. The mother, the sister, the friend, the significant other, acquaintances, doctors, gearheads, students, gallery owners; all of them carry the same issue: "the disaster, that will never go away again". With a powerful composition of melancholy, quiet wit, and relentlessness Bianca Döring manages to draw us in: "Should one even dare to enter these grave vales in an Italian café against the barking of dogs; or are they not grave at all. Because they are universal, everywhere, necessary and appalling (...) and where did the old emerald of the lake melt to anyway?"