Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Ein Land voller Helden

Thirty years after the fall of the wall and after the turn in Eastern Europe, the world is at a crossroad again. Do we need another revolution? What happens to a society after a historical shock and the collapse of old structures?

In search of an answer:  Was it kitsch, coup or revolution? A mysterious young journalist, who calls himself "the collector", leads through the labyrinth of the life stories of a group of opponents of the regime, he observes them, collects their testimonies, makes use of the methods of the secret service when he records their voices on tape, while he steadily reveals his own cruel story.

In vivid poetic language and with subtle humor Carmen-Francesca Bancju captures the Turn and its impacts in her novel through the example of the Romanian revolution and tries to answer the question of the possibility of a future. The friends' fate is exemplary for all those "hidden heroes" for whom a new era began after the collapse of communism.

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