Frederic Wianka

Die Wende im Leben des jungen W.

A novel about Germany’s political turning point. A Berlin novel. An artist’s novel. A novel about a long journey.

Focusing on the despair in his life, the protagonist takes us with him through his childhood and adolescence in East Germany where he was socialized into a system that suddenly ceased to exist. He is talking about his escape to a city, that is constantly changing and making him feel behind when faced with the wall already fallen. Too late for him? A memoir full of reflective power. The tale of someone who failed only seemingly. A novel, written in figurative language, told associatively and dynamically.


Frederic Wianka

Frederic Wianka grew up in the GDR, Potsdam and Schwerin. His application to leave East Germany was approved on the 9th of November 1989 at 3pm. He studied history, political science and sociology in Berlin. His first public reading,was held in the year 2009 as part of the reading series “Schöneberg liest”. In 2010 he won the Günter-Bruno-Fuchs literature prize.


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