Bianca Döring


Shells. Envelopes. They conceal. Protect. They are taken off, one by one. Peel something. Peeling off, peeling out. Some open up. Lying naked and bare. Startling or delighting. Others remain hidden, in the invisible. The shell remains hard, and tightly closed.

Shells. Vessels. Large, small, special, inconspicuous, old, new. Filled with various things. Food, medicine, earth, water. Or what is it? Coveted? Completely unknown? Or: empty. Containers. They hold something together. They break. Everything disappears.

In seven poem cycles the writer, singer and painter Bianca Döring opens existential themes and contents, which also differ in form, style and language and yet must be thought together: From personal questions and the horrors of disappearance, to social conditions, individual fates in political and social contexts, to the questions of love, childhood, death, the experience of time, as well as contemplation and acceptance, the texts move, oscillating between prose and poetry, emotional force and quiet sensing, ultimately all centred around the pain of "NOT", which constitutes everything, not infrequently in a destructive way, in the case of luck transformed. Held or broken, hidden or exposed: in Bianca Döring's great power of language we are carried away.

Bianca Döring

Bianca Döring, born in Schlitz/Hesse, lives in Berlin. She studied German, music, polytechnics and education in Trossingen, Marburg and Kassel. Work in geriatric care, music schools and factories followed. Artistic activity in the fields of theater, performance, music, painting and literature. Döring has received several fellowships and prizes (including the Martha Saalfeld Fellowship, Solitude Fellowship, nomination Kurd Lasswitz Prize 2020 best radio play for Exit WDR 2019, shortlisted Gertrud Kolmar Prize for Poetry 2019). She is a member of the PEN Center Germany. 11 book publications, including Suhrkamp and dtv, most recently Im Mangoschatten - Von der Vergänglichkeit, PalmArtPress, Berlin 2019.