Ingolf Brökel


In his new volume of poetry Ingolf Brökel bridges the gap between physics and poetry more clearly than before. From the conservation laws of physics clearly comes the title, the bridge among other things also by peace, not unintentionally. Already in an earlier poem it said ...theoretically physicist / practically lyricist...! He explains the doubtlessly not accidental connection as follows: "What would reality be without physics and what would physics be without metaphors? While with physics I am accustomed to striving for exact solutions, with poetry I describe the neglect I have to take: with enough irony and laconism. That also applies to the world as such."

Ingolf Broekel

Born in 1950 in Sauo near Senftenberg, teaches physics at a Berlin college. Lyric and essays, scenic readings. Several volumes of poetry, CDs, DVDs. Numerous publications in newspapers and journals.