Gerd-Peter Eigner, novelist, storyteller, essay writer and author of audio books, presents a surprising collection of poems in MAMMUT. This collection unifies fragments and fractures of an eventful life, starting at its place of birth in Malapane, Upper Silesia (now Ozimek, Poland) and continues on in Berlin and the Roman present time. Not just as traveller, but primarily as "resident of different countries and places," he places himself and the world in assertion.

His works are preoccupied with early experiences of seeking refuge and a reliable need to escape, the "intention of bonding, preserving and reflecting". Severence and awakening are expressed in poetic constellations, which provoke and excite, seduce and astonish.


"Due to the fragmented language in perceptions, reports, memories, feelings, repetitions and loops, the characters occupy more than one body, as if moving beneath floodlights, the floodlights of language, casting four shadows at the same time... It is not surprising that the author also writes poetry." Ulrike Draesner in: Heimliche Helden, 2013, Essays.

"Gerd-Peter Eigner is a gifted storyteller." Hans Christoph Buch in RIVES, RIVAGES, LA MER (Das Ufer, die K├╝ste, das Meer) by Gerd-Peter Eigner, 2005, Saint-Nazaire.