W. J. Meyke


Heads, figures and writing, free associations and dream images! Obsessively Werner J. Meyke followed the grey areas between waking and the onset of dreams. Sometimes they became mysterious symbols, warnings and threats, painstaking to decipher. But he also tried to capture the beauty of the sound of language – and so to transform sound into a new context of meaning. At the same time, atmosphere and mood are conveyed, as the quick sketches – almost related to elements of Japanese poetry – capture. One experiences the captivatingly delicate and gentle wordings, which are systematically contrasted by hard cuts, as new possible insights. 

Meyke has been writing since he was 17. It contained search for meaning and impression, the fleeting joy of youthful moments. But what about universally valid statements? 

Until today there are hundreds of these aperçus, always trying to understand and make palpable our inner turmoil, our doubt and our dance over the abyss. 

But it goes on!

Nothing remains what it was!

“At the bottom of the Moldau the stones are moving!”