Boris Schapiro

Aufgezeichnete Transzendenz

The present poetry volume Aufgezeichnete Transzendenz by Boris Schapiro includes a composition "Kryptographie lunar" and a collection of poems "Seraphische Hymnen" written in the XXI century. It is the author's twenty-third book. Schapiro has something to say and something to tell, which he doesn't only do for the reader but together with him.

Schapiro's poetry arises from musical and architectural sensations, which add up to a resounding sound structure. Schapiro forms these sounds to rhythms, metaphors, rhyme and stanza, to word and sentence. Whether he uses German or Russian depends on a variety of factors. Schapiro makes use of classical genres of poetry but also finds new forms and sound compositions.

With a postscript by Hella Schapiro "Wo ist der Mond"