Boris Schapiro

Die deutschen Rubaiyat

This book brings the German rubaiyat of Boris Schapiro together with the meditative watercolors of Inge H. Schmidt. A ruba’i (plural rubaiyat) is an Old Persian form of aphoristic, contemplative poetry with sound aesthetics of an especially rich nature. Boris Schapiro lends modern relevance to the old genre, thus broadening the spectrum of modern German verse.

Inge Hildebrandt Schmidt has mastered the art of forging dreamy, fascinatingly nightmarish visions that are both passionate and witty, self-contained and at the same time open to all of the sublime being‘s designs. Inge H. Schmidt paints emotions that could reside in every person, animal, and text–just as they inhabit every ruba‘i here.

About the Author

Boris Schapiro

(1944): Mathematician, physicist, theologian, German and Russian language writer,… More