Von Deutschland lernen – Goethe und Hegel

Hegel's approach is not only Eurocentric, but nationalistic to the point of racism, in that he excludes Arabs and Africans, Asians and Americans from his philosophy and does not grant them any cultural development ... Conversely, Alexander von Humboldt, inspired by Goethe, not only explored tropical nature, but also condemned the slave trade and colonialism and criticized Hegel's thinking as the worldview of those who have never looked at the world. This book by the Moroccan writer Fawzi Boubia gets to the bottom of these connections and is therefore of burning topicality in the current global situation. ­­– Hans Christoph Buch (from the foreword)



Fawzi Boubia

Fawzi Boubia is a German-Moroccan humanities scholar and German-language writer. He sees himself as a citoyen of the Orient and Occident and, as a comparatist and cultural scholar, advocates for a culture of dialogue in the Mediterranean region.
After earning a master's degree in literature and political science, Boubia was also awarded the title of "Doctor of Philosophy" by the University of Heidelberg and obtained the Habilitation at the Université Paris IV-Sorbonne a few years later. As a professor of German literature and cultural history, he taught at the Universities of Rabat and Caen and also took on courses at the Universities of Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Boubia is a Germanist, philosopher, writer and historian specializing in the field of relations between the Orient and the Occident. His publications are mainly in German, but also in French and Arabic.


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