Kevin McAleer

Berlin Tango

Steve is an American in Berlin and a man in crisis. He has reached a stage in his expatriate existence where he feels only frustration - with his work, with his milieu, with his life. The only thing he takes real joy in is tango dancing. It is while cultivating this passion one evening that he makes the acquaintance of Sonja, an enigmatic woman who is suffering a similar malaise. Steve plunges into an affair with her. But what begins as an erotic adventure turns into a frenzy of emotion that he never thought possible. Set against the backdrop of present-day Berlin, this novel is a story of desire and the search for love within a traditional form - but in a time when Facebook, smartphones and Internet dating sites chaperone the mating dance.

The search for authentic as well as requited feeling beyond the realm of pure sex.



Kevin McAleer

Kevin McAleer was born in Santa Monica, California, received his doctorate in history from UC San Diego, and presently lives as a writer and translator in Berlin. His stories have appeared in German and American periodicals, he is author notably of the novels SURFERBOY and BERLIN TANGO as well as co-editor of the two-volume work EVERYMAN IN EUROPE: ESSAYS IN SOCIAL HISTORY and author of DUELING: THE CULT OF HONOR IN FIN-DE-SIÈCLE GERMANY which was chosen by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as one of its “Books of the Year.” In his ERROL FLYNN: AN EPIC LIFE the author now brings the fine art of versemaking to his unique combination of rigorous scholarship and storytelling flair.