Wolfgang Nieblich


Postcard Calendar 2021

What can the zipper do? It can close something and open something, open and close, close and open. It can hide or show something. It does this until it breaks.

What are zipper pictures? They hide a secret or reveal a secret. Only the viewer who perceives the secret behind the secret will know the true secret.

Wolfgang Nieblich

1948 born in Reutlingen
University of Art, Berlin, Painting/Graphic
Since 1973 ca. 450 exhibitions worldwide

For Wolfgang Nieblich the discourse with the material, form, structure, production, intellectual content, function, and versatile usage of books is the core of his artistic expression- and that with impressive complexity.  Through his dialectic search for symbolic reference, formal pleasure of experimenting, and multi-leveled, interchangeable associations between the different dimensions of books find expression.