Emily Pütter

Sandengel - Ifitry

Ein Projekt mit Klang und Bild

Die Sandengel are objets trouvé, not of industry, but of nature - phenomena that occur when the elements of nature take up painting. Ripples, stones, sand in motion with the ebb and flow, in and out...and out of all this arise shapes, shapes that are older than the questions of humanity itself. Pütter saw them, photographed them, and has used them as raw material. The fine art prints offer up a visual context for taking in the sounds of Michael Neils. They are mutually supportive, better hearing through seeing and vice versa. The composition and angels emerged simultaneously. Sounds for the pieces were recorded right at the site of the incident and then electronically edited. Michael Neil staged and recorded the duophonic songs of Elena Bennati (Italy) at acoustically striking locations in Morocco so that he could later edit them to sound "angelic".