Wolfgang Nieblich

Die unendliche Bibliothek

Personal experiences and knowledge all go into the work of professional artists. Nieblich doesn't attempt to hide this approach, but cultivates it instead. This is especially obvious in the book items belonging to his "endless library". He started the series in 1986, a series with book items that are all the same size. They are all 62 cm high, a little more than 50 cm wide, and 5 cm deep. ... The world of books will always be a place to escape to, the book world of the library as much as the one created by Nieblich, who is the person responsible for this fascinating book theater.

About the Author

Wolfgang Nieblich

1948 in Reutlingen geboren,
seit 1973 ca. 450 Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland,
1970… More

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