Runhild Wirth

Come Here, I Want to Ruin You!

Analysis of Dissolution

“Come Here, I Want to Ruin You!” is the profound book title for a spectacular picture and text campaign from Berlin artist Runhild Wirth. Featured as the topic is the so-called “demolition” of the Palace of the Republic, which in all reality was a “demolition en face”. The campaign, which bears the name Latitudinal 52.5175/Longitudinal 013.4028, encompasses 120 pictures of the demolition process that record its progress while also reporting and commenting on the occurrences. With the authors Peter Wawerzinek (preface) and “Matthias” BAADER Holst (poems), this subtle commentary on an era will be published by PalmArtPress in 2015–right in time for the 25th anniversary of the building’s closing.

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