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The King's Love

The King's Love

Frederick the Great his Gentle Dogs

and Other Passions

An intimate insightful biography of Frederick the Great written by two members of the former ruling royal family, Sibylle Princess and Frederick William Prince of Prussia.


Participating Authors: Mehnaz Afridi, Argentarius, Assen Assenov, ATIA, Claus Baldus, Carmen-Francesca Banciu, Harald Baruschke, Hermann Bausinger, Patrick Beck, Igor Bitman, Detlef Bluhm, Rainer Böhme, Bazon Brock, Ingolf Brökel, Eva Bruszis, Sasa Burchuladse, Erich Bürck, Thomas Burghartz, Manfred Carpentier, Genia Chef, Hugo Claus, Karl Corino, Alexander de Cadenet, Klaus-Peter Dencker, Bedros Dikiciyan, Johann Michael Doehler, Ute Döring, Ulrike Draesner, Kurt Drawert, Dieter Dreier, Juliane Duda, Sheila Dunn, Bettina Flitner, Christoph Geiser, Rita Geißler, Manfred Giesler, Johannes Grützke, Jens Gyarmaty, Volker Hansen, Otto Hansmann, Lioba Happel, Lothar Hartmann, Volker Hassemer, Wilhelm Hauff, Peter Hauser, Thorsten Heinze, Brigitte Henker-Hansmann, Kerstin Hensel, Hejo Heussen, Stefan Höller, Rinaldo Hopf, Anar Imanov, Larry Isimah, Hajo Jahn, Jens Joneleit, Franz Kafka, Volker Kaminski, Christoph Klimke, Udo Klückmann, Reinhard Knodt, Matthias Koeppel, Ursula Krechel, Helmut Kreller, Michael Kromarek, Matthias Kröner, Wolfgang Kubin, Günter Kunert, Michael Lederer, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Götz Lemberg, Anne Lorquet-Leithäuser, Jochen Malmsheimer, Ingrid Maut, Elya May, Rithika Merchant, Olaf Metzel, Julie Myers, Catharine J. Nicely, Wolfgang Nieblich, Aras Ören, Ayo Osinibi, Manfred Osten, Johann Philipp Palm, Dietger Pforte, Jutta Profijt, Emily Pütter, Bernd Reinecke, Maria Reinecke, Dusty-Anne Rhodes, Wiebrecht Ries, Joachim Ringelnatz, Klaus J.Rothbarth, Joachim Sartorius, Jürgen Schabel, Boris Schapiro, Michail Schischkin, Inge H. Schmidt, Michail Schnittmann, Kuno Schumacher, Erhard Schütz, Ulrich Schwarz,Topper Sherwood, Volker Sielaff, Salome Sikharulidze, Jeannot Simmon, Diana Sirianni, SOOKI, Harald Stein, Heide Marie Stein, Garrett Stewart, Claudia Tannhäuser, Maria Theresia von Oestereich, Philip von Zesen, David Wagner, Regina Weiß, Michael J. Wewerka, Ernest Wichner, Mario Wirz


Broadsheets (Einblattdrucke) are pages-printed on one side, with which the content, text and picture, is an entirity. The dimensions are 26 x 17 cm; edition of 50 signed by both the artist and author. Since the 15th century they have served as a quick form of spreading information about current events or news. They are the predecessor to the newspaper. Broadsheets were relevant up to the 18th century in all areas of life, whether it be politics, war, law, and also for the extraordinary and sensational news. The first print of the American Declaration of Independence in German was a broadsheet (German History Museum). These culturally important historical broadsheets are treasures and in their rarity have a high collector value.


Preview I 2021

Spring 2020

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As We Drifted / Als wir dahin trieben

Robert Brandts, born in 1930 and “molded from the mud of the Lesser Floyd River, the Ganges of Sioux County, Iowa”, taught English in Kenya, then Creative Writing and African Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Bob Brandts owned a bar, “The English Department”, built his own house (and built another after losing the first in a wildfire), paints in oil and pastels, and brews his own beer. He published the poetry volumes “As We Drifted” and “Dear 732”, a selection from which and from the anthology “ondas” is presented here, with German translations by Mitch Cohen and Wolfgang Heyder. At poetry readings, Bob has shared the stage with Kenneth Rexroth, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Alan Ginsberg, and Gary Snyder.


Calling / Bestimmung

Ehsan's voice speaks of the political contradictions of poetic language, human desires and our ability to destroy. Ehsan's language is regimented in its sparseness, full of emotion and hitting you in the stomach. What holds these poems together is the poet's journey through the many perspectives of love, boredom and war, children and parents out of reach, violent desolation of human relationships, tenderness and migration. Language itself is an actor in these poems, it delivers, undercuts, translates, mutates, sets sentences and sometimes fails to "deliver the pieces to complete the sentence …".


Berlin Tango

An American in Berlin, a man in crisis,

an amour fou in the European tango capital

He has reached a stage in his expatriate existence where he feels only frustration - with his work, with his milieu, with his life. The only thing he takes real joy in is tango dancing. 


Pain / Schmerz

Reinhard Knodt has a gift for combining philosophy and poetry into an inextricable amalgamation. His book, whose first edition quickly sold out, shows that „Schmerz“ (pain) is not something negative, to be avoided, but rather a yearning, homesickness, lovesickness, or rumination about loss; it is among the most important concerns of life. Addressed are basic situations: I am sick, I have gotten married, I have a boss, I have a child, but also the mental state of our time. These very densely woven texts are sometimes even suited for meditation; on the other hand, they also present a downright urgent atmosphere of pleading to become „essential“. The end marks a “solution” that does not consist in the avoidance of pain.


Sell Your Bones

Reid Mitchell's first collection, consists largely of poems reacting to China and with Chinese literature in translation. Sinologist and poet Wolfgang Kubin describes it in this way. " We do find a lot of great poems in this volume which more or less have also to do with places out of China, but most of the verses we read here got their inspirations from encounters with places like Qingdao, Beijing or Hong Kong. In this respect Reid is a Weltbürger, a cosmopolite. His friends are Chinese poets of the past."


Fleeing Father / Vaterflucht

When the precocious daughter of a high-ranking Communist official rebels against her patriarchal father and renounces the preordained path of the New Human – the ideal citizen who would embody the qualities needed to fulfill the vision of an utopian Communist system in Romania – she comes to a decisive crossroad.  Fleeing Father chronicles the courageous journey of a young woman's struggle for freedom and individuality. Through art and sheer strength of will, she resists the extravagantly cruel dehumanization wrought by the ideology she was made to represent and discovers the hard-won meaning of achieving self-hood – with all of its triumphs and losses. Banciu’s hypnotic style and sparse and unsparing language is eloquent and emotionally penetrating and speaks to all who have at one time or another sought self-discovery, forgiveness, and the hope of healing in the face of all forms of psychological and ideological divisions.


Beach Lovers

A Collective Phenomenon:

Man and the Sea

The book deals with a universal phenomenon: Man and the Sea. In his photos, Jörg Rubbert creates and captures an atmosphere of endless summer. The sea serves as backdrop for the self-presentation and as one of the few places where freedom seems attainable and can be lived. Pleasure and pure zest for life are in the forefront.



Steve wants to be a surfer - one of those demi-gods who walk on water. But for a kid from the San Fernando Valley who's scared of the ocean this is no easy task. Through his encounters with uptight surf stars, rabid locals, haole-hating Hawaiians, shady surfboard designers, sex-hungry surf groupies and stoned big-wave riders, Steve learns the humorous as well as the darker side of surfing. With finely honed irony and a lightness of touch, Kevin McAleer tells a story of friendship, coming of age in the 1970s, and the fascination of surfing …


Out of Breath, Out of Mind / Stimme und Atem

"I harbor a stillborn scribe of the German tongue in me". In this collection of stories, some quasi-autobiographical, some nightmarish, most of them originally written in German and thereafter translated, or rather, adapted by the author himself into English, Wortsman creates a compelling, albeit disturbing, portrait, not only of himself, but also of our shattered age.



Strong Wind Over the Pale City / Starker Wind über der bleichen…