Wolfgang Hermann

Der Lichtgeher

A shadow detaches itself from the heat shimmering horizon.

It is a nameless savannah in deep Africa.

It is Noël, who after the murder of his girlfriend ends up as a refugee in Central Europe, where he gains a foothold as a popular bartender after a while. His unique charm, his wit, his human warmth are what open doors for him. Between Noël, Martha, their son Julian, and Hans, who for the first time recognizes in Noël a person who sees him and accepts him for what he is, a dense web of closeness develops.

Further Information

Wolfgang Hermann

Wolfgang Hermann, born 1961 in Bregenz, studied philosophy in Vienna, followed by long stays in various countries. 1996 - 98 Lecturer at the Sophia University in Tokyo. Numerous prizes, including the Jürgen Ponto Prize 1987, Anton Wildgans Prize 2006. Numerous books, from "Das schön Leben" (Hanser 1988) to, among others, "Herr Faustini verreist", "Abschied ohne Ende", "Schatten auf dem Weg durch den Bernsteinwald", "Das japanische Fährtenbuch" and finally "Munks Theorie" and "Walter oder die ganze Welt".