Eine lange Zeit

I love these poems because the last sentences always put me into a trance.
- Wolf Vostell

Michael's poems haven been deeply, wittily, and humorously taken out of the life of a "youth soul".
- Arturo Pantaleón

For the reader, delving into this extensive collection of poems, stories and aphorisms (which the author often amusedly calls "sayings" or "notes") is akin to a time travel through the last fifty years and more of the life of a Berlin resident - but it also reveals a cosmopolitan side. The book oscillates between universal themes such as love, friends, childhood, age, and art in and of itself. At times the observations are personal and reflecting, generalizing, laconically realistic, melancholically poetic or nihilistically philosophical but always astute. The mental closeness to his progenitors, Charles Baudelaire, Gottfried Benn, and Charles Bukowski, which Michael J. Wewerka admits to, underline the existential width of his work.

Michael Wewerka is a concerned but also amused commentator of our time - his use of language is brilliant, his thoughts are always astonishing, laconic and cynical, and full of images that the reader's mind develops further.
- Manfred Eichel