Alexander de Cadenet


Poetry & Inversions

Alexander de Cadenet chronicles the emotional and spiritual repercussions of the dissolution of an intense and mutually obsessive relationship. The writing - as in the present collection - is particularly focused through the lens of raw personal experience, unmediated by notions of political correctness or propriety, yet at the same time mines deep seams of unconscious and collective experience ...
... The new poems are presented here in relation to an ongoing series of 'Inversions', digital negatives of everyday life, which have been transformed by the inversion process in such a way as to draw out the profoundly spiritual and unique resonance of those moments for the artist.
... In the current series of 'Inversions' the artist again explores the power of light to function as a trope for revelation and enlightenment, and of darkness to move us towards a contemplation of the hidden aspects of the world, and our own psyche ...

- Richard Dyer: Editor of "Third Text", Art Editor of "Wasafiri" and Corresponding Editor for "Ambit"

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Alexander de Cadenet

Alexander de Cadenet (b. 1974) is an artist exploring the sacredness of life and… More

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