Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Leichter Wind im Paradies

The narrator turns her back on Berlin and the hectic throb of the big city for a summer, in order to recharge and reconnect with herself in the seclusion of a Greek mountain village.

For the first little while she passes the time silently on a terrace. A terrace on the hillside, looking out over the great expanse of the ocean. She lives surrounded by insects and other animals that eventually become her friends. She takes time to experience changes in light and transformations of the sea, to take notice of the hidden and inconspicuous things in her environment, the glimmer of what lies concealed.

It is only after some days have passed that she is struck by the desire to meet people again, and starts to embark on journeys beyond the cosmos of her terrace. She hitchhikes to the town by the sea each day. Brief encounters along the way, people-watching on the beach, and observations of nature's own spectacle as it unfolds reveal to her the interrelation of all living beings in nature.

Coinciding with the human interactions, dramas play out in the microcosm of insects, beetles, and small animals - like scenes from Greek mythology. The is book is all about the detailed narration of the small world reflected in the larger one.

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Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Carmen-Francesca Banciu, was born in Romanian Lipova and studied religious… More

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